Oil Change, sure but when?

Oil's Change that ends WellOil, how often should it be changed?

An obvious question, but maybe, just maybe, there’s a new answer?
Four times per year ?
or every 3 thousand miles.
LETS CHECK! Lets Check the Oil? 
Most people especially those who learned all they know about changing the oil, by ignoring the service station’s professional mechanic? (And we know how long ago that was!)

Today oil changes have moved beyond the fables now we have science!
Experts today, tell a very different story than old Uncle Harry might have told you, back when, under the shady banyan tree.

Experts instead say, First consider your specific vehicle’s specs. The fact that despite the oil company ads… Many modern vehicles just don’t need oil changes quite as often as before. Your best bet is to follow the manufacturers guidelines!

Why do we change our oil at all? Well there is a simple answer!
No matter how efficient the processes are working within your internal combustion engine, some oil will be lost through the emissions system. The greater the engines age, wear and tear, the more oil will be lost through the combustion and exhaust processes.
The oil in the system will burn (in some cases rapidly and in others slower), and as the oil is is depleted. It accumulates carbon and other engine debris and thickens and gets “sludgy” as carbon by-products accumulate. This will result in reduced lubrication, increased friction. This is why we want oil in the engine in the first place. And lack of oil produces a engine that seizes. Which is even more dangerous for the driver than the engine, and it can kill the engine.

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