Auto Electric Servicing

Auto Electric ServicingAuto-Electric System Analysis & Repair
Electrical systems for cars and light trucks does more that provides power for your stereo. But even more than lights and sound.

The Electrical system, provides the spark for the engine, provides power to heating and cooling systems and power assists for several systems. One of the most over looked safety systems is completely dependent. TURN SIGNALS depend not just on the electrical systems from switches to lamps but like the wind shield wipers also on the drivers attention. Powered mirrors and lane detection computers also are electrically dependent and todays modern cars caring more computing power than SPACE CRAFT of just a few short years ago.
The engine depends also on the electrical system for starting your engine, powering your vehicle’s computer and illuminating your brake lights, and license plate.
Often, electrical issues can be intermittent, or transient, requiring support from a fully trained auto-electric technician.

Basic signs you need help automotive electrical help:
TURN SIGNALS work very fast or very slow.
BRAKE LIGHT always on or always off
ACCESSORIES do not work
DASHBOARD LIGHTS periodically go dim or out
ENGINE STALLS at red lights
ENGINES fails to Ignite
ENGINE WILL NOT START in cold or rainy weather

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