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Exhaust System Repair at Smutny and RossExhaust Systems
The reason why your car’s exhaust system is so critical, is primarily because exhaust gas is deadly poisonous. Your car’s exhaust gases contains a wide variety of pollutants, among the most dangerous by-products of combustion is CO (CARBON MONOXIDE) is a deadly poisonous gas.
Which you certainly want to keep out of the passenger compartment.

This is why, If you can smell the exhaust gas while driving, this is a red flag warning, that you have a leak in your car’s exhaust system. If you smell exhaust gas then you and your family and friends are IN SERIOUS DANGER!  (Smutny and Ross can fix that!)
Typically exhaust systems and catalytic converters like so much equipment they wear out and must be replaced. It is very important to keep the exhaust gas out of the passenger compartment. Keeping your exhaust system in good condition, and doing its job removing those gases effectively from endangering your passengers you need to get it in for servicing if its not performing! Keeping your exhaust system in good working order will in addition to protecting you and your passengers will also improve your vehicles fuel efficiency and protect the environment while it saves you money!

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