Preventive Maintenance

Preventative MaintenancePreventive Maintenance :
Means not having to say,
you’ve broken down. 
Car care experts may disagree somewhat, on the precise priorities of preventative maintenance. This much they agree upon.
Know, your owners manuals.

The certified mechanics at Smutny and Ross each one with years of experience and advance certifications after listening to your input and experiences, will give your car a listen, take it for a spin, and have a very good sense of what issues we are faced with. Working with you, we can recommend a schedule planning the types and frequency of preventative maintenance for your vehicle.
The maintenance guidelines will come first from the owners manual. The manufacturer made recommendations about what your car needs to run at peak performance. The manual will have the information you need on when you should check the oil, change the oil, and air filters, and the information needed to set the timing belt. It also will provide the tire pressure, and recommend the proper oil, and gasoline you should use to obtain optimum performance from your vehicle.
We strongly recommend you make a regularly check your fluid and tire pressure levels. These important suggestions are found in the owner’s manual.
This way, either you or certified technicians at Smutny and Ross will be able to catch problems before they get expensive or serious damage occurs. A loose hose, a dark stain on the driveway will be easy to notice if you’re on the watch. Monitoring the fluid levels is a great way, to keep your car in tip top shape and PREVENT SEVERE EXPENSIVE DAMAGE. Preventative Maintenance prevents breakdowns
Smutny and Ross certified mechanics routinely check the power steering fluid, wiper fluid, oil, and engine coolant to insure that your car has the proper fluid levels. Leaks or low fluid conditions can reveal underlying problems that unless caught can cause significant expensive damage that follow from a loss of lubrication.

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